The Silver Lining Summit
Make The Most Of It
It's Time To 
Take 5 and Invest In Yourself...
We're making the most of the recent global event cancellations and bringing the best and brightest business and personal development seminars to you ONLINE.

Rise above the noise and confusion, take advantage of unexpected free time, and position your business to thrive.
Join us for 2 weeks of business and personal development seminars designed to help you focus on the future.
March 27th - April 5th, 2020
Welcome To The Silver Lining Summit!
Let's face it, the world seems to be turning upside-down these days.
You've got unexpected time at home, away from the everyday distractions of life.
And if you're like us, you want to make the most of it!
With events like South By Southwest, Traffic & Conversion, TED cancelled, there's an unprecedented opportunity for you to get access to world-class speakers without leaving your home.
Sign up today and get FREE limited-time access to each presentation.
The Silver Lining Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Should You Attend the Silver Lining Summit?
When life goes sideways, you've got two choices...
You can wait for things to get better, or you can MAKE things get better.
We choose the latter.

For 10 days, you'll get access to all sorts of ideas, strategies, and tactics to help you focus on what you can do--right now--to make things better for you, your family, and your business.
Best of all there's no crowded airports or long flights, no noisy hotels or time away from your family.
Just kick back on your couch and learn from some of the best speakers on the planet.
The Experts You'll Be Learning from in the Silver Lining Summit 
Julie Anne Eason
Libby Moore
Kim Coles
Gina Hatzis
Bob Burg
John David Mann
Mary Doyle
Ulrika 'Ullis' Karlsson
Matthew Pollard
Alexandria Agresta
Dean Collura
Kelley Wolf
Marques Ogden
Marley Jaxx
Katie Richardson
Liz Benny
Jen Desrosiers
Jessica Principe
Bobbie Carlton
Cordelia Gaffar
Sankeetha Selvarajah
Stacey Nachajski
Rich Keller
Kasey Mathews
Eric Ratinoff
Bailey Richert
Dr. Rachel Headley
Kathryn Rose
Christa Nichols
Lexi Godlewski
Shawna Pelton
Casey Gromer
Christy Hoskins
Andy Cahill
Amy Matos
Emily Aborn
Kelly Molloy
Paul Avins
Stephanie Bonte-Lebair
Larissa Banting
Jessica Terzakis
Christina Alexa
Kristin Hardwick
Charlene 'Ignites' Decesare
Amii Barnard-Bahn
Rich Carr
Sara Minkara
Sandy Demarest
Laurie-Ann Murabito
Erin Allgood
Dr. E. Jaye Johnson
Anna Hayes-Harless
Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell
HR Consultant
Sue Penney Bergman
Candice Benson
Michael Roderick
Crystal Farley
Tammy Jordan
Juju Hook
Kira Banks
Zofia Kierner
EJ Kritz
Kelsey Abbott
Katia Rave
Karen Kenney
Adriana Monique Alvarez
Kate Lemay
Matt Seawright
Michelle Hanton, OAM
Emily Clement
Melissa Smith
Tiffany Eddy
Lani Voivod
John Laurito
Omama Marzuq
Tomorrow's Prosperity Group Inc.
Victor Vento
Matt Gagnon
Allen Voivod
Alyssa Dver
Silver Lining Summit Agenda
* All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) / New York City *
Day 1: March 27, 2020
"Remote Work Best Practices" - Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell
"Success Without The Stress: Stress Relief Strategies" - Crystal Farley
"Culture Types and Big Changes" - Dr. Rachel Headley
"Resilience On Purpose" - Andy Cahill
"The Headline Generator: 3 Formulas For Writing Headlines That Capture Attention & Create Connection" - Christa Nichols
"Managing Your Business By Managing The Brain" - Rich Carr
"Being The Author Of Your Own Life" - John David Mann
Day 2: March 28, 2020
"Prepare To Pivot" - Emily Clement
"The Sugar Addict's Guide To Stress Relief" - Kelly Molloy
"Entrepreneurship AS Social Change" - Erin Allgood
"Imposter Experience: Two Tangible Tips 
To Begin Powering Through It" - Anna Hayes-Harless
"The Wow Factor" - EJ Kritz
"The Three A's of Change Management" - Matt Seawright
"How To Increase Sales Outreach 
Without 'Bugging' Anyone" - Charlene 'Ignites' DeCesare
Day 3: March 29, 2020
"MoveMee From The Heart" - Sue Penney Bergman
"Fearless Flow: Transforming Your Story To Your Glory" - Karen Kenney
"5 Tips To Improve Your Sales Copy" - Amy Matos
"Remember Who You Are With Human Design" - Kelsey Abbott
 Dr. E. Jaye Johnson
"Pivot To Purpose" - Sandy Demarest
"Crystal Clear Strategic Planning" - Michelle Hanton, OAM
Day 4: March 30, 2020
"Fireside Chat" - Libby Moore
"3 Magic Questions To Make Any Writing More Persuasive" - Julie Anne Eason
"Which Numbers Is Your Business Watching" - Casey Gromer
"Discovering Your Personal Brand In 'One Word' So You Can Stand-Out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence (SCORE)" - Rich Keller
"Fireside Chat" - Marley Jaxx
"Getting Started With Public Speaking For Women" - Bobbie Carlton
"Mindset Makeover Masterclass" - Lexi Godlewski
"Idea to Income: How to Package Your Expertise to Make More Money" - Jessica Terzakis
Make The Most Of It
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Frequently Asked Questions
 How Does An Online Summit Work?
Every day for the 10 days of the summit, a new group of experts will be featured. You'll be able to view their presentations for 24 hours before the next group goes live. We'll send you an email every morning detailing each speaker and their topics. All you have to do is click the link in the email, sit back and enjoy. 
What If I Can't Watch All The Speakers?
We do have an All-Access Pass available for on-demand viewing. Click the button below to get your free ticket, and you'll find more information on the next page.
 Can I Watch On My Tablet/Phone/Computer?
Yes! All presentations will be viewable on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers.
How Did You Get All These Amazing Speakers For Free?
We live in unprecedented times right now. People want to serve and help as much as they can. And our speakers are no different! They are each donating their time and expertise so we can all learn from each other.  This amazing group of people may never be available in one place again--so get your free ticket now!
Your Summit Host
Erin Neuhardt
Hi, I'm Erin. I am the founder of E Studio Events. As an Event Strategist and Speaker Agent, I work  alongside amazing individuals and businesses to help shine their light brighter in the world through live events.

I found myself on the morning of March 11th faced with an inbox of news that most events were canceled or postponed. I went home and I didn't know what to do and felt alone, scared, and like my world was crashing in around me.

On Thursday, March 12th I woke up with an idea. If all of these events are not taking place right now, there are a lot of speakers with more free time on their hands. And so I posted on social media that I wanted to create an online summit with world-class speakers in business and self-development.

I was overwhelmed by the response and thus, the Silver Lining Summit was born!

Over the last two weeks, over 50 teachers, speakers, influencers, and business owners have come together to serve up some amazing content for you. 

I am so grateful to be a steward of this amazing event, and I hope you are inspired and learn as much from these amazing speakers as I already have! 
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